Why Minted Creations?

Introducing our new logo

We thought that our very first blog post was the perfect opportunity to introduce you to our brand new logo!

After exploring lots of new and exciting design concepts and ideas, we’re super proud to introduce you all to the finished article.

For us, our brand identity has always been one of the most important aspects of our business. It not only represents who we are and how we want to be seen, it also showcases our creative talents when it comes to design.

As many of you will already know, we specialise in providing beautiful, personalised wedding stationary. Our specialist wedding stationary range features everything from tissue paper confetti, wedding place name cards, white tipped bubbles, chocolate squares, and table numbers, right through to food flags, save the date cards, cake boxes, and straw flags – everything you could possibly need to give your wedding day an unforgettable edge.

But we thought we’d tell you a little more about our brand…

Why Minted Creations?

So, we bet you are thinking, why Minted Creations? Well the word minted derives from the word ‘mind to be’, a famous wedding saying! And we chose creations because, well that’s what we do – we create.

Our colour scheme

The colour scheme for our logo was super important, as we wanted to use colours that were memorable, engaging, and able to translate the delicate and elegant nature of our designs.

This is why we chose mint, gold, and peach tones, as they instantly exude romance and elegance. We also felt that the combination of these colour ways creates a fresh, ultra-luxe feel and looks great when designing and creating high impact wedding stationary.


Why we chose a round logo

We thought long and hard about every stage of the process when it came to designing our new logo – even its shape!

And after lots of careful consideration, we decided to opt for a round logo. This is because circles, ovals, and ellipses are renowned for projecting positive and endearing emotional messages. But that’s not all… a circle can also represent community, love, friendship and unity, so it made sense to us that a round logo would work for our brand.

Finally, we decided to join the letters M & C together to portray a sense of togetherness and stability…just like when a bride and groom unite for the rest of their lives.